Nicola Baratto (IT, 1989) currently lives and works in Amsterdam.

He graduated from the Dirty Art Department—Sandberg Instituut and he is an active participant of The Wandering School, which he joined at Macao, Milan, in 2016, and Delphi-Athens in 2018.

He is half of the artist duo Baratto & Mouravas, whose multi-media work explores the self-devised notion of Archaeo-Dreaming. Connecting the language of Dreaming with the practice of Archaeology, the artist duo aims to foster a mythopoetic reflection of the time we live in through the act of seeing, wandering and diving into any possible dream-scape.

Nicola focuses on shaping experiential conditions for himself and the Other, aiming to the encounter and transformation of both parts, through quests into memory and future visions. This research materialises without restriction of media and aims to create symbolic universes capable of containing the experience of dreaming as a whole.

Thus, his work includes video installation, film and book-making, photography, space and light design, fashion design, sculpture, art direction, sensorial design, celebration, and cooking.

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